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What the Flow! About the Show

Did you know that only 10% of our happiness is determined by the things that many of us are told to focus on, such as social status, age and where we live? Increasing your happiness requires a scientifically proven system, and we know from positive psychology that there are 5 elements to this:

  1. Positive Emotions: feelings of joy, gratitude, hope, pride, inspiration, awe and love
  2. Engagement: using your natural talents in challenging activities
  3. Relationships: forging strong bonds with friends and family
  4. Meaning: belonging to something bigger than yourself
  5. Accomplishment: pursuing achievement and mastery for their own sake

That’s why I created “What the Flow!” A talk show and podcast that interviews experts who share their easy to use methods on how to implement each of these elements. Consider it your cheat sheet to life.

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