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What the Flow! Season 1

Taming Your Inner Critic | Dr. Lauren Costine

Taming the inner critic; where it comes from and why it’s necessary.

Dr. Lauren Costine is a Clinical Psychologist, writer, educator, and LGBT activist with a private practice in Beverly Hills.

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Taming Your Inner Critic | Dr. Lauren Costine

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Did you know that only 10% of our happiness is determined by the things that many of us are told to focus on, such as social status, age and where we live? Increasing your happiness requires a scientifically proven system. Consider What the Flow! your cheat sheet to life.

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"We all want to feel like we belong, and what we do matters. When we don't, we tend to lose our way. I know, because I once lost my way. I thought there must be something better. Along the way I discovered positive psychology."